Lambros Photios – Conference Speaker

In today’s highly competitive market, it’s essential to be equipped with knowledge of future trends and technologies. While most of us don’t know the direction that the business world is headed to, Lambros can provide insightful keynotes that will help you  develop your company’s technologies and identify opportunities that will keep your business at the cutting edge.  

As a conference speaker, Lambros can advise you on how to use artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data to create a successful and competitive business model that will translate to sustainability and growth for your organisation.

Lambros’ speaking engagements include AI and technology conferences in Sydney such including From Idea to Tech Startup – Future Women in Tech Conference, Building a Robotics and AI Ecosystem with Blockchain event, B2B Rocks Sydney, Data Visualisation Summit, and Suncorp’s Millennials Quarterly Event. Lambros has also spoken intensively about blockchain through the Mayfair 101 Conferences in Singapore and New York. The talks are highly thought-provoking as well as inspirational, and elevate the audience’s drive to understanding the role of technology in enabling a business vision.

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