Lambros Photios

Lambros Photios

Lambros was originally a software developer who specialized in building early stage software products for some of Australia’s largest banks, insurance companies, and government departments.

This led him to create Adaca, a business of over 100 software developers servicing startups, scaleups, and humanitarian organisations. His eagerness to pursue humanitarian endeavours led him to founding Ante, an app assisting peacebuilding organizations.

Lambros endeavours to utilize innovative technologies to modernize industries with obsolete processes.

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My Story

Lambros launched Station Five in 2015 with the mission to facilitate innovation by promoting technology adoption. Within two years, the company became one of Australia’s fastest growing technology businesses by aligning operations and technology teams within larger institutions. This led to the company’s expansion in local and offshore offices, attracting clients such as Qantas, Ernst & Young, Bupa, and more.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and many industries had to pivot to survive. This resulted in larger institutions halting their innovation efforts, causing Lambros to reassess Station Five’s services. With guidance from a strong advisory panel and mentorship from industry veterans, Lambros pivoted the company away from institutional innovation and instead launched a new offering to help startups develop technology solutions using a Silicon Valley inspired agile methodology.

Led by a nimble team of six people, this reinvented business expanded to over 100 full-time team members within 18 months. A new chapter was deserving. Thus, Adaca was born.

Recognizing the benefits of an agile approach to software development, the World Food Programme engaged Adaca in October 2020 for a proof of concept project for conflict sensitivity analysis in the Philippines and Bangladesh. Following the success of this program, Adaca was engaged by the Swiss Government and the United Nations to create a technology driven conflict sensitivity analysis framework for Somalia. It devastated the team to observe the emergency incidents occurring in these affected regions.

Blockchain technology offers a solution to this problem. Currently, insights from affected populations are not captured due to traceability and the risk of corruption from misappropriation of data. To address this, Lambros founded Ante, a decentralized protocol allowing users to anonymously report information to parties driving positive human change.

Lambros endeavours to utilize innovative technologies to modernize industries with obsolete processes.



United Nations
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
ANZ Bank
World Food Programme

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