Atlassian Work Futurist: This is How to Get Culture Right

Culture isn’t a quote on your wall. Nor a document lost in the ether on your Google drive. Nor what you tell your staff during a meeting. It is what you do. I had the pleasure of speaking to Atlassian Work Futurist Dominic Price on the podcast recently. Dominic revealed how co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and […]

Navy Seal + INC 500 CEO: Here’s How to Prevent Stress and Build Stamina

There are two things you experience that can prevent you from achieving your entrepreneurial goals: Stress Burning out Whilst we’ve detailed the science of preventing burn out here before, I wanted to add to that with insights from Navy Seal Platoon Commander and INC 500 CEO Alden Mills. I spoke to Alden on my podcast […]

The Best Leaders Have No Rules: Here’s How to Pull it Off

As an entrepreneur, there are an infinite number of challenging scenarios that can occur daily. There aren’t any rules for the unknown; so the best leaders have none at all. I had the pleasure of speaking to billionaire entrepreneur Kevin Kruse on my podcast recently. Kevin is so passionate about having no rules, that he’s […]

How to Become a Talent Magnet Without Even Trying

I’m betting you want to be a good boss. I’m also betting you want to attract the best staff for the vision of your startup. So how do you do it? I had the pleasure of speaking to billionaire entrepreneur Kevin Kruse recently on my podcast. Kevin told me how he did the world’s biggest […]

3 x Guinness World Record Holder on How to Build a World Class Team

Don’t waste your time trying to be everything. That’s the message from 3 x Guinness World Record holder Robyn Benincarsa on my podcast recently. Learn what you’re good at, and delegate the rest. Robyn is an endurance racer, and a leader of endurance teams. Her expertise in getting groups of people to be their best, […]

Shark Tank Investor: This is How Entrepreneurs Stuff it Up

When you’re one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, and an active investor and mentor to startups, you often see where most founders go wrong. Steve Baxter, the CEO of Transition Level Investments, spoke to me on the podcast recently. Many of you will know Steve from his appearances as a ‘Shark’, on Channel 10’s […]

Grow Your Startup Rapidly by Selling Change Coupled with Storytelling

Your startup is most likely selling change; a disruption to the way people do things. So you need to sell this change well, backed by the power of storytelling. And it has to sound as good as chocolate tastes, according to master storyteller Michael Margolis, the CEO of Storied. Michael’s clients include Facebook, Google, and […]

Lessons from a Fighter Pilot: Creating a Harmonious and Supportive Team

Does your team feel they have your back? Do you feel they have yours? Lieutenant Colonel Rob “Waldo” Waldman is fighter pilot with 65 combat missions across Iraq, Southeast Asia and Kosovo. I had the pleasure of speaking to Waldo on my podcast recently, about how these experiences and lessons have him in high demand […]

How to Address Staff That Are Dragging the Chain

Finding the right staff is notoriously difficult. And it’s tough when they start dropping the ball and clients begin to ask questions. So how do you get around it? I had the pleasure of speaking to Jocko Willink on the podcast recently. Jocko Willink is a world-renowned author, podcaster, motivator and consultant, after years servicing the US Navy […]

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