Is Your Boss Stifling Your Career?

It always amazes me when I hear how many people are unhappy at work. I had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Brenner on my podcast recently, a marketer recognised as a top business speaker by The Huffington Post, and a leading CMO Influencer by Forbes. Michael is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, working […]

Getting B2B Marketing Right With the Power of Storytelling

What’s the best example you know of a B2B organisation telling a great story as part of their marketing? Think about it… You most likely can’t. Neither can Michael Brenner, recognised as a top business speaker by The Huffington Post, and a leading CMO Influencer by Forbes. Michael is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, […]

How To Do Content Marketing Right

Many brands put a lot of time and effort into their content marketing. But sadly, too many take an ineffective approach. First of all, stop talking about your product… Wait, this makes no sense, right? You’re putting so much of your time into this startup, why not tell everyone about it? As you’ll see, it’s […]

Being Unskilled at Persuasion is Holding You Back

Be honest, have you put an active effort into your persuasion skills lately? According to many VCs in the USA, and persuasion expert Carmine Gallo; it’s THE critical skill to have in today’s ideas age. If you can’t persuade anyone effectively, how can you expect to be a good leader? I recently had the pleasure […]

Struggling Through Entrepreneurship? Here’s Why It’s a Blessing

No one wants to struggle, right? We want it all as quickly as possible, don’t we? Immediate traction, massive profits, then revel in the fortune — right? Well, if only it were that simple. And as you’re about to learn, it’s probably for the better that we appreciate the struggle. I recently had the pleasure […]

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Now Safer Than Having a Job

No, this headline isn’t a typo. Whilst it may sound crazy, you may soon agree that it’s correct. It’s the opinion of one of my recent podcast guests, Ian Whitworth, the co-founder of Scene Change, and popular blogger over at During my recent podcast interview with Ian, he outlined why he believes this to […]

Tell Stories to Increase Your Funding and Sales

You’ve probably heard this before; then gone back to focusing on your startup or your next meeting with a VC. But truth is, you’ll fail at both aforementioned tasks if you don’t take storytelling seriously. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to world renowned storytelling expert Neil Bearden, who says he’s met so many […]

Never Waste Time on Another Tender Again

Most startup founders have experienced the gloom associated with pitching for a tender and not winning it. So they pitch on another one thinking they’ll be in with a better chance. And guess what happens? They lose again. I know all about this because I’ve been there. And for what it’s worth, I have some […]

Why Some Entrepreneurs Make Millions and Others Billions

Success is whatever your definition of it is. Some people want billions, others millions, and some are happy with neither. But what’s the mindset that sets the billionaire entrepreneur apart from the millionaire? I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Rafael Badziag, the author of “The Billion Dollar Secret” on my podcast. Rafael is […]

Why Your Failure to Delegate is Holding Your Startup Back

Here’s the straight up truth: other people can do what you do. And here’s another slice of reality: some of your staff may be able to do it better. So many startup founders spend their days bogged down in menial tasks not realising they can pass the work onto an employee. The sooner you learn […]

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