My Story

I was a year into my university studies when I noticed the struggle people were facing in the employment market after the global financial crisis. This caused me to reflect on whether the conventional path I’d been following was the best way.

For six months, I followed a hobby of software development to consult companies through digital transformation. What I discovered at the age of 19 was that people didn’t care much for transforming antiquated industries and processes, caring more for profit than progression.

I became obsessed with creating new concepts that didn’t exist and challenged the status quo.

This led me to creating Station Five.

My intention was to enable those who were brave enough to tackle unnecessarily outdated industries, whilst simultaneously disrupting the obsolete consulting industry with Station Five.

Within two years, Station Five became an AFR Fast Starter as one of Australia’s fastest growing technology companies, and continues to work with disruptive startups and challenge the norm of the consulting industry.

I am thankful to the mentors who have guided me along the way; Mark Wozniak and Craig Davies.