My Story

I was a 14-year-old when I wrote my first line of code and my life changed forever. 

During my schooling years, I’d race home to my bedroom to see where the night of coding would take me.

But I was always plagued by this notion that it could never be anything more than a hobby; I needed a career somewhere a little “safer.” 

So I graduated from high school and enrolled in Finance and Engineering at University, where the claws of programming continued to scrape away at me.

I began talking to potential clients whilst still studying, keeping a foot inside the university campus fearing this dream could be a little far-fetched. After programming websites for clients in between studies, a referral came. Then another.

Suddenly, I had too many to handle.

Inside the lecture theatre at University, I hid my code-littered computer screen from teacher’s eyes, and ducked out to “the bathroom” frequently to take client calls. 

It was in between these frantic moments and sleepless nights that Station Five was born; I delivered for all my clients whilst stealing the time required for assignments, studying, and exams. It really took its toll.

But what I learned most was this: We can only run from our true callings for so long.

After graduating, I walked out of the university gates and into my first office with a single staff member and a handful more referrals.

Fast-forward to today, and Station Five has two offices in Australia and one overseas, where myself and my team have elevated our offerings to enterprise companies like EY, ANZ, IAG and Qantas, helping them unlock the power of data, machine learning, and blockchain.

In 2017, I was recognised as among Australia’s fastest-growing technology companies, landing a position on the AFR Fast Starter list. 

Today, I continue to service businesses of all sizes with Station Five, and have started a podcast titled “The Venture Podcast with Lambros Photios”, interviewing leaders of the business world to reduce startup failure — just as that boy in his bedroom would have wanted.