A productized service can completely change your business...

It changed mine.

Hi, my name is Lambros.
I started Adaca in July 2015 with no investors and no revenue.
For five years, I struggled to generate consistent profits.

In mid 2020, I was forced to step away from Adaca due to COVID. That allowed me to strategize and build a business that scaled to over 100 people. The best part is that it requires less of my time than it did for the first five years.

I am on a mission.

I would like to teach others not only how to build successful productized services, but ones that allow for the level of flexibility that I’ve been able to achieve, without making the same mistakes I did along the way.

If you want to transform your business and your life in the same way that I did, then you’ve come to the right place.

I am so excited to go on this journey with you.


1. Course Introduction

Objectives and successful scaling stories.

2. Business Operations Analysis

Assessing and identifying inefficiencies.

3. Restructuring Your Team

Recruitment, management, and cultural integration.

4. Implementing Automation

Introduction to automation tools and process mapping.

5. Integrating Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies for back office functions.

6. Advanced Customer Strategies

Data analytics and AI for customer facing functions.

7. Identifying Your New Offering

Selecting your new primary offering.

8. Pricing Your Offering

Using value based pricing in practice.

9. Business Scaling and Innovation

Growing your business to the next level.

10. Capstone Project

Application of course concepts in a real-world scenario.

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