Why Some Brands Are Using Jail Inmates for Their Creative Strategy

Is there a link between criminality and creativity? Why are inmates creating successful brand campaigns? Are you ever really too old to start another career?

Concreates is an advertising agency started by Vincent Bragg and Janeya Griffin, that uses the creative minds of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. Some see a bank robber, Concreates see a strategist.

Vincent and Janeya know all about the world behind bars; Vincent served just over five years in federal prison on drug charges, and at 16, Janeya’s parents were both incarcerated — leaving her to temporarily care for her 6-year-old brother.

Vincent saw how his fellow inmates were able to make something from nothing, and Janeya learned about how harmful society’s stigma toward felons are as she watched her mother struggle to find a job.

This led them to join forces on an idea that’s giving many men and women a second chance at life, and brands a unique strategy to take to market.

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