Choosing the Right VC as an Entrepreneur

How do you know which VC is right for you? What are VCs looking for in a founder? Is there such thing as receiving too much funding, and giving away too much equity?

With just over 100 venture capital firms in Australia, and 1000 in America, choosing the right firm for your startup is critical.

Adam Struck is the Founder and Managing Partner at Struck Capital in Santa Monica, California, and has many tips for you he’s keen for you to hear.

Prior to Struck Capital, Adam was a Co-Founder of Long Island Brand Beverages, a company that was acquired and taken public on the NASDAQ.

Previously, Adam was an M&A / PE attorney at Kirkland & Ellis, and was recently recognised by Forbes, as part the prestigious 30 Under 30 List for Venture Capital.

In this interview, Adam also details why he’s keen to invest in founders outside of America.

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