PR Hacks: The Best Strategy for Immediate Press Coverage

There’s nothing quite like press coverage; widespread exposure of your business without the cost of a marketing campaign. So what’s the best strategy to achieve it quickly? I had the pleasure of speaking to journalist and PR expert Oryana Angel on my podcast recently, who has a plan she knows will work for you. The […]

Why Culture and Purpose is the Best Strategy for Business Success

“Yeah, yeah, I know about that, but more sales is where my head is at now.” I’ve heard people turn their nose up at culture and purpose, thinking it’s nothing more than providing office ping pong and t-shirt uniforms. But the truth is, culture and purpose creates the atmosphere you and your staff need to […]

Why Facebook and Instagram is not the Best for Your Marketing Strategy

I know. It was once all the rage. But my mind was blown when speaking to world renowned growth hacker Andrew Lee Miller on my podcast recently. Andrew spoke about how the social media platform is amoral, and how they’re not the most efficient way to market your business due to the overcrowding: “I think […]

How Important is Your Track Record When Securing Funding From a VC?

It’s a question a lot of founders want to know; do I need a co-founder with more experience and business success than me? I put this question to Benjamin Chong, the founder an investor at Right Click Capital; here’s how he responded: “When you’re going to the Olympics, if you can see that someone’s PB […]

The Three Things a VC is Looking for in a Founder

How can you be sure you’ll impress a VC? It’s a question I know a lot of startup founders ask ahead of starting their own venture, and it’s a question I put to Benjamin Chong, the founder at early stage investor firm Right Click Capital. Benjamin’s opinion is highly regarded, so I was excited to […]

What Is Your Biggest Career Asset?

No. I’m not talking about your skills at networking events, or your uncanny ability to close deals because of how well you connect with people. I’m talking about something you’ve built that allows you to reach a lot of people you can add value to. I thought about my number one career asset upon finishing […]

Should My Product or Service Come First?

A lot of business founders aren’t sure whether to have the product before the service, or the service before the product. It’s the “chicken and egg” argument of the startup world! However, one top New York City founder has a strong answer, and wants you to hear it. Andrea Breanna, who runs RebelMouse (a platform […]

The First Person You Need To Hire for Your Tech Startup

So you’ve got a great idea for a tech startup? Before funding and hiring anybody else, you want to find a good quality CTO who could also act as a co-founder; because if a good quality CTO can’t get behind your brand, then who ever can? This is the strong opinion of Laurel Touby, a […]

How Giving Your Staff Wednesday Off Can Improve Revenue and Productivity

You’ve probably clicked on this thinking I can’t possibly be serious and you’d be forgiven for thinking so! I was intrigued by this very experiment ran by a CEO in Melbourne, Australia. Her name is Kath Blackham and I had the pleasure of speaking to her on my podcast. Kath’s idea was simple: give staff […]

The Secrets To Working With The Big Banks

As a startup founder there’s something I’ve noticed that I’m quite concerned about: banks are reluctant to work with startups. After many promises from the towers of power from three of Australia’s big four banks in 2018, nothing came to fruition for myself and Station Five. Other startups have confirmed this trend to me. One […]

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