Wistia CEO: This is Where Startups Fail With Their Marketing

There’s no doubt people hearing about your startup is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face.

Marketing makes all the difference; so how do you get it right?

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the most successful content marketers of the modern era on my podcast recently. I’m talking about Chris Savage, the CEO of juggernaut Wistia.

Wistia helps brands with their content by focusing on video.

Chris shed some light on the biggest mistakes startups make with their marketing approach.

Marketing your startup properly: Don’t do too much at once

Chris made his points clear here:

I think people get their marketing wrong when they try to do too many different things at once. And I think there’s the delicate balance of scaling any business, you have to try enough stuff at once so that some of that works. But if you do too many things at once, you never get enough of a signal to know if it’s working. And so I think the biggest mistake is doing that. “

Top marketing mistakes: Don’t copy others

Chris warned against replicating what your favourite brands do:

“In general, the second biggest mistake is just copying others. Unless you’ve seen inside a business and really know how it is working, it is incredibly hard to infer from the outside which things are effective and which things are not. And it’s sad because I will talk to companies who base a lot of their strategy on a company they look up to, and that company may have happened to raise a lot of money. And what that inherently means is they get to try a lot of stuff that doesn’t work!”

Chris says this leads to disaster:

And if you copy the wrong 50 per cent or 75 per cent of stuff, it will also not work for you! And it will be painful.

So what is proven? What should you do?

Chris revealed that in this article here: Brand Affinity: The Type of Content You Now Must Produce


For my full interview with Chris Savage, check out this link.

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