Why Your Corporate Content is Driving Customers Away

It looks great. It sounds lovely off the tongue.

But does it really connect with people?

More brands are steering away from corporate content in an effort to bolster engagement with their customers. And it works!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Luke Buesnel on my podcast.

Luke is the owner and content director of Story League, and is on a mission to rescue brands from their traditional and boring corporate talk.

Luke is passionate about memorable business storytelling, and has many insights he wants entrepreneurs to hear. Luke was previously a journalist and broadcaster with the ABC, Ninemsn, and the Age, and also worked as an adviser to an Australian senator.

Luke says corporate content sends customers running, and says we need to understand who our customers are first before we attempt communicating:

The best thing you can do for any business, no matter where you are in the spectrum, whether it’s a startup, (or) you’re sole proprietor or your record or anywhere in between, is to have a really good, detailed understanding of who your target customer is. And brands that are doing that, are the ones who are obviously not doing corporate content — but they’re the ones who are cutting through and really getting their message disseminated across to the people that they want to target. So we work with clients all the time and it’s the number one we do…working out who they’re trying to appeal to.”

So why has corporate content lasted so long?

Over a long period of time, it’s been a very safe way to communicate,” Luke says.

But Luke acknowledges times are now different:

“That corporate talk used to work pretty well back in the day before we had Google, before and social media… where it was basically one way communication channels. Big corporates would spend a lot of money on TV advertising or radio advertising. And then that was just literally everything they had to say. But now it needs to be a conversation.”

Athena Home Loans: Marketing Done Right

A great example of conversational marketing has been the effort by Athena home loans.

I had the pleasure of speaking to co-founder Michael Starkey on my podcast, and we dove into his approach here.

Here’s a great example of Athena’s conversational marketing content that goes against the grain of corporate content:

And it’s a good thing it does; Athena competes against the big four banks!

Has this got you thinking about the way you communicate as a brand?


For my full interview with Luke Buesnel, check out this link.

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