How To Start Your Side Hustle To Achieve Ultimate Freedom

How To Start Your Side Hustle To Achieve Ultimate Freedom

A lot of people associate success with having freedom over their calendars. The way to start that is by breaking away from your 9-5 job, which is surprisingly a lot easier than it sounds. This blog is all about HOW to do that successfully.

The first focus needs to be claiming time for yourself. I call it “Future You” time. Future You time are the blocks of 20 to 50 minutes, such as during a commute or lunchtime. It’s the time to figure out what it is you can best execute as a side hustle.

The fastest way to create a revenue generating side hustle is to start a service based business.

But how do you identify what the business entails?

The “That Sucks” Method: Finding Your Side Hustle

Start by diarising what sucks about processes you encounter in your daily life. It can be anything:

  • Wait times at a supermarket.
  • The costs of getting your car repaired.
  • Re-ordering a key household product.

Let it begin from a personal painpoint.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

– Warren Buffett.

There’s a mechanical engineer who was working for a garage in Chicago, who learned from the above quote particularly well.

He was getting sick of his day job, so he began his side hustle: fixing people’s motorcycles in his garage at night.

He created an advertisement on Craiglist insisting that people didn’t go to the dealership: “They’re going to rip you off with labor rates” he’d say. Instead, he suggested they bring their bikes to him in his home garage.

And while he fixed the bikes, he filmed himself doing it, too. He converted those recordings into videos that he uploaded to YouTube. Not long had passed before he had tens of thousands of subscribers, which opened up another revenue stream (being a YouTube Influencer) for his operation.

But he didn’t stop there. The mechanic kept finding other streams, such as creating full engine rebuild videos people could purchase as a “do-it-yourself” instructional process.

Following this, his influencer profile continued to grow when an insurance company found his YouTube Channel and paid him to create sponsored videos.

This converted the mechanic from getting paid an hourly rate to claiming “I don’t really do customer work anymore.”

This story and information was relayed to me on my podcast by Nick Loper, the founder of You can listen to the podcast here.

Nick says once you see the first few dollars come in, you’ll see the light!

“It’s getting to that money milestone in whatever business model you choose….because that’s really, really motivating to keep going with it”, Nick said.

So ask yourself: What’s the best side hustle you can start, right now, that can take you away from your day job to give you freedom over your calander?

Block out some Future You time, and get brainstorming!