How to Become a Talent Magnet Without Even Trying

I’m betting you want to be a good boss.

I’m also betting you want to attract the best staff for the vision of your startup.

So how do you do it?

I had the pleasure of speaking to billionaire entrepreneur Kevin Kruse recently on my podcast.

Kevin told me how he did the world’s biggest study into employee engagement and found growth, recognition, and trust, to be the critical factors to people feeling engaged at work.

“We all want to be growing, learning new things, being challenged… advancing our career,” Kevin said.

Recognition, Kevin insists, is your staff feeling appreciated.

“Do people say thank you? It’s as literally as (simple as) ‘do people say thank you or not?'” Kevin explained.

He went on to explain that trust is more than just “I trust my boss.”

“I know it’s not just an ethics thing, it’s — I trust that this leadership knows where they’re going. They’ve got a good plan and the future is going to be bright; a future confidence.”

Kevin says being a good boss is not just thinking about your bottom line, but thinking about the future of your employees.

“If you want to be a good boss, if you want to engage your team members, you’re thinking about, ‘how can I help each person grow into the next phase of their career or learn new things or learn how to leverage their strengths?'” Kevin said.

Attracting the right staff: “You become a talent magnet even without trying”

Kevin says the stresses of attracting good talent then take care of themselves.

“The best recruits into companies come from internal referrals, not all of them, but in general, that’s where you’re going to have the highest odds of success,” Kevin revealed.

He is adamant that’s because your staff members are ultimately switched on in their roles.

“When you’ve got an engaged workforce, well, then I’m going home at night, the weekends, I’m telling my buddies, people on LinkedIn, from college, ‘oh, hey, you’re looking for work?’

Kevin says they’ll then do all the heavy lifting for you.

(They’ll say) ‘We’re hiring!’ Or, ‘hey, this is a great place to work, we have an opening, who knows somebody?’ And so just by being that great leader, that great boss, you will then attract high performing talent because it’s kind of rare actually being engaged at work — there’s only about a third of us who are,” Kevin said.

“So most places don’t have that kind of workplace, don’t have that culture. So if you’ve got it, your people will find you.”


For my full interview with Kevin Kruse, take a listen via this link.

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