Atlassian Work Futurist: This is How to Get Culture Right

Culture isn’t a quote on your wall.

Nor a document lost in the ether on your Google drive.

Nor what you tell your staff during a meeting.

It is what you do.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Atlassian Work Futurist Dominic Price on the podcast recently.

Dominic revealed how co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar implement this strategy in their $50 billion company. 

“On Tuesday afternoons, Scott (Farquhar) picks his kids up from school. He does the pickup. And when he leaves the office, he leaves very loudly. He doesn’t speak out. He doesn’t apologize. He leaves loudly!”

Dominic says this is a deliberate strategy.

“Just to say to the whole organization, ‘I’m going picking my kids up from school, and it’s completely normal and it’s completely all right.’”

Dominic says great founders know it’s about how we integrate work and life together because those lines all collaborate. 

“So whether it be Scott doing that or Mike saying you can’t book me on a Wednesday morning because I drop the kids off at school. (Mike says) ‘If there’s a meeting, it has to be like super important, otherwise, do Tuesday and Thursday,’” Dominic added.

“When you communicate that, not only are you role modeling the behavior, but you’re saying to everyone, ‘Hey, we have a life to live. Work is one part of that life and it’s an important part, and we want you to prosper and thrive in that part of your life.’”

The message is clear, it’s all on you.

“You have to role model behavior first and you’ll be amazed at how you build the culture that you want,” Dominic concluded. 


For my full interview with Dominic Price, take a listen via this link.

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