3 x Guinness World Record Holder on How to Build a World Class Team

Don’t waste your time trying to be everything.

That’s the message from 3 x Guinness World Record holder Robyn Benincarsa on my podcast recently.

Learn what you’re good at, and delegate the rest.

Robyn is an endurance racer, and a leader of endurance teams. Her expertise in getting groups of people to be their best, has seen her in demand with companies like Microsoft, Honda, Starbucks, and Deloitte.

Her Eco-Challenge team were two-time world champions, and top 5 for 15 years at the world championships.

Robyn says it’s about learning what you’re good at, and getting people to do what you’re not so good at:

What naturally comes to us more than other people, what we love, what the vein of gold is in ourselves… I think part of our luck is that self-analysis to say, ‘Here’s the stuff I’m great at, here’s the stuff I’m not great at,’ and to focus — instead of necessarily shoring up your weaknesses — just haul ass on your strengths!”

Robyn says that’s why you need a good group of collaborators around you:

“Build a team of people who can shore up your weaknesses, (people) that actually have strengths in your weaknesses. And this is part of building a world-class team is knowing what you’re great at, what you love, what you will do, and then saying, ‘Okay, here’s a stuff I’m not great at, but I’ve no interest in, but that guy does, or that girl does’, and building that great team around you.”

Robyn says too many founders think they have to do everything:

“It’s not just a matter of you having all the answers. And sometimes when you’re a startup, you’re it. But, in this gig economy, there’s all kinds of people that you can subcontract out to, learn from, not necessarily bring them on your payroll, but, pay someone 10 hours a week to do your accounting or do your social media or help you with marketing, or business analysis. The things that you may not have time or interest in, while you do what you do best.”

Robyn says this is the preparation that matters when it comes to building a great team:

“There is that luck, but it is that preparation and capitalizing on your strengths and opportunities.


For the full interview with Robyn, take a listen via this link.

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